Remedial/Advanced Remedial Massage

Everyone can benefit from a remedial massage. This massage is tailored to target a specific area of your body to reduce your tension and discomfort and increase your range of movement. This type of massage is effective if you are looking to rehabilitate an injury, improve posture, or resolve issues caused by everyday activities such as sitting at a desk. Treatments may involve an assessment of your alignment and movement to help treat the cause of your discomfort and not just your symptoms.  Regular maintenance treatments can help to prevent future injuries. 

Basalt hot stones can be incorporated for increased muscular release and relaxation.

1 hour appointment

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage is suitable during your second and third trimester, and will help to reduce the normal aches and pains experienced during these stages of pregnancy. You are fully supported with bolsters and cushions in a side lying position allowing you to drift off and relax, benefiting both you and your baby.  

1 hour appointment

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage is suitable following the birth of your baby up until 12 months. Postnatal massage will help to restore your body after pregnancy and birth, as well as help to relieve any aches and pains you may have while caring for your little one.  This treatment is tailored to your individual needs and may include a combination of relaxation, deep tissue and advanced remedial techniques.  You are welcome to bring your little one along to your treatment.  Please let me know in advance so that I can make sure you are both comfortable.  

1 hour appointment

Hot Stones Massage

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of heat and massage together.  This massage is designed to melt away tension and help your body and mind re-set. Please let me know if you would like to target certain areas of your body for specific complaints, or if you would like a full body hot stones experience.  

This type of massage is beneficial if you suffer from stress, anxiety or if you are just looking to unwind and relax.

1 hour appointment

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

KCR is a series of gentle joint mobilisations and stretches that allow your body to return to balance, providing relief from pain, improved range of movement and increased energy levels.  Kinetic Chain Release has also been shown to effectively reduce anxiety in both children and adults, including those with additional needs. This treatment is carried out fully clothed and is suitable for all ages.

1 hour appointment

Swedish Massage

This classic full body massage is designed to relax your whole body. A variety of techniques are used at your preferred pressure to improve your circulation, relieve your muscle tension and leave you feeling beautifully relaxed.

This type of massage is beneficial if you suffer from stress, anxiety or if you are just looking to unwind and relax.

PLEASE NOTE THIS MASSAGE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR SPECIFIC COMPLAINTS. If you are unsure which massage is suitable for you, please contact me.

1 hour appointment


Reiki was rediscovered in Japan over 100 years ago by Dr Mikao Usui. This ancient art of healing harnesses the abundant universal life force energy that surrounds us.

In your Reiki session, you will remain fully clothed while I channel Reiki energy with my hands placed either slightly above your body, or lightly on your body.  Reiki energy flows to where it is needed most in your body, encouraging your body’s own natural ability to heal itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.  Reiki may help to relieve your stress and tension, reduce your pain and inflammation, support your anxiety and/or depression and balance your body. It is suitable for all ages.

Setting an intention is an important part of your Reiki treatment, and you may want to think about what you would like help with before your appointment. If you are unsure, I can help you.

Massage or KCR can be added to your Reiki treatment to achieve a greater shift in all areas of your being.

Reiki – 1 hour appointment

Hot stones massage and Reiki – 90 minutes or 2 hours

KCR and Reiki – 90 minutes or 2 hours

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