I had an amazing pregnancy massage from Nicola which I found deeply relaxing. She is highly professional and lovely. I would definitely recommend!

Holly Evans

I felt so much better after my treatment with Nicola! She really took the time to listen to my injury history and tailor the massage to suit me perfectly. I’d definitely recommend Nicola if you’re looking for a fantastic massage from a professional and knowledgable therapist.

Jill Fairbairn

I can honestly highly recommend Nicola, she is so professional and really listens to what I need. I went to see Nicola for a massage to try and resolve some slight back and neck pain I was experiencing. Nicola was really thorough and was able to identify areas that may be causing the pain rather than just the site of the pain itself. I have been back for massages since. I also tried out KCR last night which I loved! I feel more aligned and ‘lighter’. I will definitely be going back to Nicola.

Laura Anderson

Nicola is amazing. She is extremely professional and thorough in her approach and after only one session, I feel a lot better already. Highly recommended.

Stacey Collins

Nicola has really helped me with my shoulder pain from previous dislocation and the difference in my movement pre-massage to post-massage was incredible! Nicola takes the time to assess you thoroughly at the start of the session to identify the area needing most work. I highly recommend!

Shona Price

Really enjoyed my Swedish Massage from Nicola. Very relaxing experience. Would highly recomend.

Andrew Mackenzie

I had a pregnancy massage from Nicola when I was about 8 months pregnant ….. it was heaven!! Nicola was very professional and so friendly and the massage was just amazing!! Thank you!!!

Jane Wilson

I had my first massage with Nicola last night which was amazing. She was able to fit me in and I was so sore over my shoulders that I was desperate for a bit release. Nicola provided a full consultation and was very thorough checking my posture and where pain and stiffness was. I’d opted for remedial as I need my massage to be pretty deep. She was able to locate tightness and problem areas and work on them really well focused on the areas that really needed work. An amazing therapy and I felt taller, slept better and feel so much better today. I would completely recommend Nicola for her expertise, knowledge and interest.

Heather Rush

Nicola helped me out when I managed to hurt my neck. I found Nicola to be highly professional, knowledgable and within a couple of visits had solved the problem! Would highly recommend to anyone who needs the services of a massage therapist.

Jamie Dougal

I went to Nicola for KCR treatment after I realised that my joint pain and anxiety were starting to affect my working life significantly. Nicola immediately put me at ease and the treatment process was carried out really well. Two weeks on my joint pain is significantly reduced and I haven’t had a panic attack in weeks. Highly recommend Nicola for her professional service.

Mhairri Duxbury

Nicola is a great masseuse. I’ve had neck pain for a long time, and she was able to identify what was causing it, and tailors my massages to exactly what I need. I would definitely recommend her.

Claire McCulloch

The treatment I had with Nicola was tailored to exactly my needs and the results speak for themselves. Nicola is an excellent massage therapist she is very warm and friendly and works hard to give you the best treatment she possibly can. I would certainly highly recommend Nicola. Thank you once again .

Raymond Hoodless

I had an amazing massage from Nicola, who made me feel very relaxed and one of the best massages I have had xx

Mary Parkinson

Nicola is a wonderful masseuse who is passionate about healing. Nicola made a big difference to me after I suffered from a trapped nerve in my neck and through careful work, she helped to release it. I have also seen Nicola for stress relief massages which are wonderful!

Anne McGlone

Nicola is very thorough and professional. I’ve few issues going on and Nicola’s getting to the root of them one by one. Feeling the difference after only two sessions. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Karen Low

Nicola helped me when I was really struggling with hip pain.
She always put me at ease through treatment and explained everything along the way. Extremely knowledgeable and she was also very organised with my details whenever I returned, which made me feel reassured. You can tell she really cares about her work, she was always happy and enjoying helping people.
My hip pain has resolved now but I would definitely return to Nicola for massage therapy. Would highly recommend!

Grace Cuthbertson

Nicola is an amazing therapist.
Really takes the time to figure out what treatment will work and how she can really help you.
She’s also really flexible and will try her upmost to fit you in when she can.
I’m booked in with Nicola every week for the next 6 weeks leading up to my marathon. I find her service invaluable in helping me to stay fit while increasing my mileage.

Kerry Henderson-Horne

Having now attended sessions regularly with Nicola I can say she has worked wonders on my arm/shoulder injury. Over time my movement has become stronger than ever and the pain has decreased hugely. The knowledge she has is fantastic and she is highly professional, cannot recommend enough. Thank you!
Megan MackIntosh

5 stars!
I’ve had an ongoing neck and shoulder issue and Nicola took the time to identify the exact areas to work on and has made such a difference, I managed to sleep on my side again and my shoulders feel even and light! Cannot wait to see her again to keep this up! 

Erin Sneddon

Thanks Nicola for easing by back pain off tonight. You are a life saver after feeling so sore you have really eased it all off and I’m feeling great.

Sharon Mclean

Nicola has helped me massively with a back injury. She thoroughly explained a treatment plan and from the first appointment I felt a massive improvement. With further consultation other problems were identified and treated. Very professional, caring and knowledgeable. Thank you
Chris Milford

I went to try Nicola’s Kinetic Chain Release and was amazed by how much your body releases and relaxes after just one session. Nicola clearly has a true passion for looking after people’s bodies and helping them with the niggles. I highly recommend her.

Renee Turner